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Is the reservation necessary?

Yes, the booking is required for each of our rides. Our walks are limited in number of person, more you book in advance, you have chance to get the most advantageous niche for you.

How do the booking?

The reservation can be done by completing the booking form, by e-mail or by phone. Depending on the number of person, a deposit will be asked at the time of the booking.

When to make the booking?

Earlier you book, the better chance of the niche that suits you.

What is our cancellation policy?

Reservation cancelled more than 4 days before the activity gives rise to a full refund of the advance payment.
In case of cancellation between 4 days and 24 hours prior to the activity, we propose you a report free of charge. The downpayment is kept in this case.
In case of cancellation the same day, the deposit is lost without the possibility of postponement of the activity.

What's happening - t - it in the event of modification or cancellation of reservation for reasons beyond G2DTOURS?

Where G2DTOURS could meet the fulfilment, in particular because of extreme weather conditions (heavy rain, gusts of wind, snow) or an insufficient number of participants (minimum 2 people), we inform you as soon as possible and offer you the choice: another date of availability for the same performance.
Failure to retain this possibility, the command is cancelled.

What t - it rain?

Rain not gene in no case the practice of personal. Therefore, our outputs are maintained in case of rain. Note that we put the ponchos at your disposal. Only heavy rain days may give rise to a change in date for booking free of charge.

How maximum people can there be stroll?

For your comfort and your safety, groups consist of 7 people stroll with an attendant/instructor.

In what language are the personal tours?

Our accompagateurs/instructors provide French rides. If you wish to turn in another language, please contact us to discuss together possible solutions. Unfortunately we do not speak other languages commonly but we have a few basics in English, Italian and Spanish to guide you to the best during walks.

Is it possible to rent a personal without a guide?

The practice of the personal needs to be framed even after initiation. A single rental can be done only after a deposit guarantee and control of the skills of driving and handling of the lease.

Is it easy to make the personal?

The learning and practice of the personal are easy and intuitive. It is accessible to all. Before each trip, each participant will receive individual training in order to master his personal and take full advantage of his first experience of walking.

Children can they make the Segway?

The minimum age to make the personal is 6 years. For people of 18 years of age, the activity must be done in the presence of a responsible adult. An unaccompanied minor will be denied its participation to our outputs.

There - it of cons indications to the personal practice?

The manufacturers recommendations recommend a minimum weight of 20 kg in order to be able to control the machine.
Also, the practice of the personal is not allowed for pregnant women because it can pose risks to the mother and the child.
Consumption of alcohol and drugs is inconsistent with the practice of the personal. The customer who would present a demerit to fly a gyropodeen safe must immediately renounce this output.
No refund shall be granted.

Our company also reserves the right to refuse the participation of any person who, in the opinion of a representative of the claimant, is incapable or demerit to circulate safely in personal. All participants are required to undertake training supervised by a representative of G2DTOURS. The wearing of a protective helmet is mandatory for all participants; He will be loaned to you. For their comfort and their safety, participants must wear closed shoes. Flip flops, sandals and heels are strongly discouraged.

Insurance? -Responsibility?

The client is personally liable for any breach of the Highway Code. The customer is personally responsible for the injury that he or her minor children cause to third parties and to them - even when using the personal and declares that it has insurance etc. valid "Head of family" or "Liability privacy" and in force. The customer is liable for all damages caused to the equipment; It will be required to reimburse the cost of replacing damaged parts or repair to the HT tariff in force on a visible scale on request.

Local conditions?

The proposed route may change according to traffic conditions, the congestion of pedestrian traffic and other events which are detrimental to its smooth running. We can adapt the course according to the interest of the participants with due regard to the duration of the exit while taking into account the borrowed congestion. Meals and drinks are not included.

In case of dispute?

These sales conditions are governed exclusively by French law. In case of litigation, an amicable solution will be sought before any judicial action. Otherwise, any legal action will be brought before the competent courts within the jurisdiction of the Head Office of G2DTOURS.

The validation of the order by the client implies acceptance of the General conditions of sale.

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