Walks and tours

G2DTOURS offers two types of accessible benefits from age 6:

Just to discover:

·  Baptism of personal (with delivery of a degree)
15 min to €10

Know the basics of the personal, whether to move safely and do a small journey of discovery. At the end of the meeting, you will be issued a diploma.

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·  Introduction to the ride (with obtaining of the Gyropas'sport)
30 min to €17

Baptism of personal,
Circuit in the area in order to know the first sensations of the ride and obtaining of the Gyropas'sport to rent a single personal.

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Pour aller plus loin :

·  The discovery (with several routes) ride from 1 hour to €28

Baptism of personal
+ walk in Lourdes (various courses, on the steps of Bernadette, around the Castle, near the Gave...) to discover our city with a different look.

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· La randonnée nature de 2 heures à 49 €.

Baptême de gyropode
+ randonnée dans Lourdes et ses environs. Parcourir les chemins qui longent le Gave ou aller vers le lac de Lourdes... 

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33 boulevard of the cave
65100 Lourdes
Phone: 05 62 94 53 71
Port: 06 86 41 21 87
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